Indigenous Employment

Indigenous Employment

Indigenous Employment

We have made it easy for businesses to recruit, develop and retain Indigenous employees.
Employing Indigenous Australians is rewarding but many businesses find it a daunting experience. That’s where our specialist Indigenous Employment Service can help.
We are able to develop an individual Indigenous Recruitment Strategy for your business encompassing local Indigenous Community engagement, pre-employment training, recruitment & induction, Indigenous Employment Strategy, retention and mentoring. What’s more, our Indigenous Recruitment Strategy can be linked to other Complete Personnel Recruitment services such as on-hire staffing or Apprentice LINK to increase your workforce flexibility.

There are many good reasons for employing Indigenous Australians, including:

  • developing a reputation as a preferred employer of Indigenous people will give your organisation access to an untapped pool of people for your workforce;
  • employing Indigenous Australians may open-up a growing market for your organisation’s products or services;
  • by demonstrating strong Corporate Social Responsibility your organisation will achieve a market edge with key clients, and enhance the public reputation of your organisation.

Government incentives may be available to assist you to reduce your employment costs.

How can we help?

We are able to assist companies by tailoring a strategy to their individual circumstances. Our service can be as simple as recruiting an Indigenous person for a single position, through to assisting with the creation of an Indigenous Employment Strategy. Key services available are detailed below.

Community Engagement

Engaging with local Indigenous Communities may appear daunting. Complete Personnel has established relationships that have been developed over the past twenty years. We are able to assist in setting up a system of communication between you and the local Indigenous Community and to engage with local Indigenous leaders and community organisations.

Pre-employment Training

We are able to develop pre-employment training programmes to prepare Indigenous job seekers to gain and retain employment specific to your organisation’s needs. The training can cover issues such as personal development, time management, Occupation Health and Safety and skills development. We are also experienced in sourcing government funds to assist with the delivery of training programmes. An example of our training initiatives is a Mining Industry Pre-employment programme for Oz Minerals at their Prominent Hill operation.

Recruitment and Induction

We will develop a recruitment strategy to find Indigenous people who not only have the skills and experience that you require, but who will also fit into your company’s workplace culture. We can also incorporate elements of your induction process into our pre-employment programs to ensure the most effective transition into your workplace.

Retention and Mentoring

We provide pro-active and structured mentoring support using our experienced Indigenous mentors to maximise the number of Indigenous people who stay employed with your organisation.

Our aim is to respond quickly to any issues and to proactively manage and support your supervisors and your new Indigenous employee(s). Click on the link below for an overview of our mentoring service methodology.

Indigenous Employment Strategy and Consultation

We can assist your organisation to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility goals by helping you to develop an evidence-based and practical Indigenous Employment Strategy, tailored for your business. Using an Assets-based approach, our Account Managers can work with your Board, Senior Management, and stakeholders to develop a Strategy that works for your organisation and helps you to develop your company’s cultural competence when employing Indigenous Australians.

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