Community Development Programme

Community Development Programme


The Community Development Programme (CDP) is delivered in 60 regions and more than 1,000 communities across Australia. These regions are often characterised by weak labour markets, making it difficult to find work or gain work experience and skills.

As a CDP provider, Complete Personnel Group works in partnership with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, as well as local communities to ensure job seekers participate in activities that benefit their community.

Participants receive personalised assistance to help build their skills, get a job and to participate to their maximum capacity in work-like activities Complete Personnel Group also helps remote-area employers meet their workforce needs by encouraging them to look to their local community for employees.

Through the CDP, we support job seekers to build skills, address barriers to contribute to their community through a range of flexible activities. It is designed around the unique social and labour market conditions found in remote Australia and is essential to increasing employment and breaking the cycle of welfare dependency.

Since the introduction of the CDP, job seeker participation and engagement has grown significantly. Complete Personnel Group delivers the CDP to three regions in South Australia:

  • Eyre
  • Flinders Far North

These services include:

  • Individual case management;
  • Work for the Dole Activities;
  • Individual hosted placements;
  • Support to employers including no-cost recruitment, access to wage incentives, and post-placement support; and
  • Support to participants to access training, including our own customised online training programs.

We partner with other organisations and agencies to deliver innovative services like applied behavioural science interventions, cultural awareness training and disability services.

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