Apprentices and Trainees

Apprentices and Trainees

Now there’s a better way to employ apprentices and trainees in the workplace.

Our Apprentice LINK service provides a simple, flexible and professional alternative for employing apprentices and trainees in your workplace.

How does Apprentice LINK work?

We recruit and employ the apprentice or trainee, and then hire them to ‘host employers’ for agreed periods of time.
This means that the apprentice or trainee works at your business under your direction for an assignment duration up to the full term of their apprenticeship or traineeship.

We regularly monitor the apprentice or trainee within your workplace and provide mentoring and support as required to manage workplace issues to ensure their success.

You are invoiced weekly, on a ‘per hour’ basis, for the actual hours the apprentice or trainee is on the job and in training.

What does our hourly rate cover?

Our charge rates are inclusive of the following direct costs:

  • award wages
  • public holidays
  • sick and carers leave
  • annual leave plus leave loading
  • compassionate leave
  • superannuation
  • workers compensation levy
  • payroll taxation
  • training fee.

Other indirect costs and responsibilities covered include:

  • the recruitment process including advertising, interviewing, ability tests, reference checking, medical and/or security clearances (where applicable). You have the final say on the trainee or apprentice accepted
  • professional human resource management including performance management, unfair dismissal claims, injury management and rehabilitation
  • payroll administration
  • job safety risk assessments of your worksite.

The charge rate is payable for hours spent at the workplace and in training. There is no charge when the trainee or apprentice is absent for annual leave, sick leave, public holidays and workers compensation.

The benefits of hosting an apprentice or trainee through Apprentice LINK

Our Apprentice LINK service allows your business to benefit from having additional staff, without the hassles of directly employing someone. This means that you are free to focus on your business, while still having the choice of who works for you.

Cost effective

  • the charge rate includes all on costs
  • you only pay for productive and training hours
  • budgeting is much easier.

Paperwork free

We administer all the paperwork associated with employment and training. This means no:

  • dealing with government departments
  • maintaining personnel records
  • administering superannuation, payroll taxation, Workcover, ATO compliance.


We administer all the paperwork associated with employment and training. This means no:

  • no obligation to provide ongoing employment at the end of the apprenticeship or traineeship
  • part-time options available
  • the ability to transfer the apprentice or trainee to your payroll at key milestones
  • the ability to have an apprentice or trainee during peak workloads or for the duration of key contracts.

An ongoing support service for you and the apprentice or trainee

We provide a professional support service throughout the duration of the apprenticeship or traineeship, including:

  • mentoring of the apprentice or trainee to enhance job performance and productivity
  • maintaining contact with the training provider to monitor training progress. We also provide you with training status reports
  • providing a specialist Indigenous mentoring service for Indigenous apprentices or trainees, and support for your managers.

Increased Skills

the apprentice or trainee receives nationally recognised training and qualifications
your business benefits from this training through improved productivity, new ideas and motivated employees.

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