CDP Recruitment

CDP Recruitment

No matter what level of staff you are looking for, Complete Personnel’s CDP Recruitment service can help you recruit just the right person (or team of people) for the job.

We can help you get the right people, the right training and the right package of support to meet your individual recruitment needs. Our tailored CDP Recruitment Services, which provides access to CDP Participants, includes: No Cost Recruitment, In Work Support, Skill Shortage Strategies, Financial Incentives and Work Experience Strategies.

No Cost Recruitment (Existing expansion box)
Let Complete Personnel assist with your next staff recruitment at no cost.
There are many reasons for you to consider using Complete Personnel to hire a CDP Participant, including we will:

  • Provide a single point of contact for all your recruitment needs
  • Pre-screen and job match candidates for the skills you need
  • Tailor pre-employment and staff development training
  • Advise on government subsidies and financial incentives
  • Mentor and offer post-placement support when you employ our candidates
  • Plan and deliver diversity employment campaigns
  • Support workplace modification when you employ a person with disability

In Work Support (Existing expansion box)

Our specialised In-Work Support program will provide support to both you and your new employee for a period of up to 26 weeks, helping to make your new team member a success.

As part of this service we can provide funding assistance or employment-related training. Eligibility Criteria applies.
Our Pre-Employment Training programs are designed to prepare CDP Participants for employment opportunities.
Pre Employment Training (Existing expansion box)


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