Indigenous Recruitment-Recruitment

Indigenous Recruitment-Recruitment

Indigenous Recruitment

Engaging with Indigenous communities may appear and can sometimes be challenging. Complete Indigenous has strong and established relationships with Indigenous communities across South Australia developed over the past thirty years. We can assist in building communication systems between your business and Indigenous communities to engage with local leaders and community-based organisations.

We also work with government of all levels to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians through sustainable employment, and have extensive expertise in the delivery of innovative employment services to Indigenous Australians throughout South Australia.

Our goals are to support businesses to improve Indigenous life outcomes. We are confident of the prospect of a fairer, inclusive future which recognises the capacity of partnerships that can deliver meaningful opportunities to Indigenous Australians.

Comprehensive and inclusive support is offered to all work candidates during their placement with your business, to ensure your team member and the business enjoy a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Candidates are sourced through Complete Indigenous and each is supported individually by our professional consultants.

We work in partnership with new you to identify and determine workforce and skills requirements to inform a workforce plan and solution that addresses engagement, skills development, mentoring, retention and transition to identified ongoing employment opportunities.

We provide a range of short-term job-ready programs conducted prior to employment to prepare Indigenous candidates for the workplace.

Indigenous employees may undertake a full traineeship or apprenticeship while employed in ongoing work, and is aligned with your requirements, and the future career goals of the candidate.

For more information telephone 08 8267 9000 or send us an email.

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